Tuesday, March 17, 2009

behind a name...

The summer of 2005 I found myself in line at the Denver business bureau waiting to obtain a sales tax license. I had been referred one of my first brides and she loved mini calla lilies, so I needed to step away from the farm flowers and head to a wholesaler. With a background in medicine and science, I knew little about the business process and was enlightened when the clerk informed me I needed a trade name to get the ball rolling. My brain produced Plum Sage on the spot. Sage was the name of our first family dog... an Airedale with a puffy jaw and a very affectionate temperament. She was from a backwoods jewel called Plum Creek Kennels in Minnesota. I was around five years old when we went to pick up Sage. I remember being in the waaaay back of the station wagon (yes, wooden paneled, Griswold style) dying of excitement because my mom was up front and had our new puppy in a box in her lap. Sage was a fabulous dog for many years. The legacy of Sage was long before the digital film decade... but the photo on the right comes close to her sweet face.
Truth be told, Sage would have been a horrible shop dog. Although loyal, she was a complete spazz and ran away at every opportunity. Now when clients come to our door they are greeted by Hudson. Fair warning, Hud is still learning not to jump (at age four) and he still gets really excited when the doorbell rings. Hudson is my sidekick and knows more about flowers than any lab alive. Here he is on the left, proudly sporting a peony collar at our wedding last June. Be sure to wear black when you visit the studio as sweet Hud not only loves to share his appreciation for your visit, he will leave his hair all over your lap.

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