Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome to market..

Although our planning process is quite visual for brides, we always offer the option of joining us at the wholesale market to see, smell and touch the flowers in consideration. Such was the case with this morning, when I met Valana, one of our May brides, to check out her bouquet flowers including calla lilies, ranunculus, tulips, viburnum, grape hyacinth and anemones at Stevens and Son, one of our wholesalers of choice. Check our their cut flower gallery at While there, I admired a few flowers that are often unfamiliar to our clients but that we adore tucking into bouquets to add delicate texture and vibrant color. One of which is coxcomb, a form of the flower celosia, which is often referred to as the "brains" flower. With its twists and velvety texture, along with the rich tones of red, purple, gold, rose and orange, it is a beauty worth consideration!

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