Sunday, March 15, 2009

Erin Go Braugh

Yesterday was a delightful Saturday full of shenanigans. Joe and I started the day at one of our favorite Highland restaurants, Duo ( where we met one of my favorite wedding industry friends (and former neighbor), Julie Harris and her husband Jesse for brunch. If you are not familiar with Julie or her absurd talent with a camera, visit her It is a treat for me to have a Saturday morning off to sit still and enjoy a mimosa with such a relaxed and charismatic couple. We then found ourselves downtown post-parade to meet friends, Alicia and Marshall, who had set up camp across from Wynkoop to celebrate the Irish. I met Alicia last year and created their wedding flowers (she was a gorgeous May bride at the Parkside Mansion) and have enjoyed having her in my life since. She is a spark and creates fun where ever she goes with her Irish side-kick in his pseudo-tux. A pedi-cab later, we were at the newest Irish jaunt in Denver, Katie Mullens watching Irish dancers and enjoying a Guiness with Derek, Chad, Andrew, Rachael, Jed, Jess, Brad and Noel. (I should preface that Joe and I have spent this weekend the past several years in Chicago celebrating this holiday. This is the first time in nine years Joe has not been there... so he felt a need to create the debauchery locally). We wrapped up the day at the Meadowlark Bar on 27th and Larimer. This was my first time in this basement concert venue and it was awesome. We enjoyed the tunes of Ben (, a friend of our pal Andrew, and grubbed some amazing pizza from The Walnut Room. A fantastic day with fantastic friends and a little tribute to my very Irish great grandma Sweeney along the way.

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