Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pastures of Plenty

Our favorite organic flower source is just north of Boulder and in season, we purchase from them in bulk at both the Cherry Creek and Boulder Farmer's markets. The farm is called Pastures of Plenty and they have an affiliated catering company called Big Bang ( For several summers, I worked for owner Lyle Davis creating arrangements for his farmer's market displays. We worked in a barn on the property creating hundreds of bouquets weekly. It was such a treat to show up on Tuesdays and be delighted by what the weekly harvest offered in terms of texture, variety and color. Last season I began to document what the farm offers weekly from June until October so that brides interested in organic blooms would have visuals for the flower types and shades available on their wedding date. The blossoms that grow on this property are sensational. Flowers that are cut on a Tuesday or Thursday and put into a bouquet for a Saturday celebration are vibrant, fresh and stunning to hold. Simply put, flowers grown in Colorado flourish as decor for a Colorado wedding. Contact us if you have questions on organic flower availability on your wedding date.

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